Supplies Needed


Thanks to a small group of generous donors, the Chrysalis School was recently able to buy four refurbished PCs, which will be used to teach basic computer skills.


classroom Our library has grown to include more than 300 volumes in both French and English. Thanks to all of the bookmooch users and other individuals who have sent us books! If you have books you'd like to donate (especially French books), you can find our mailing address on the SUPPORT page.
Thanks to the generosity of a small group of supporters, the Chrysalis School started the school year in a new building! We have only managed to construct one of the two planned levels, we have no windows and the floors are still gravel, but we're very excited to have our own building and to be free of the burden of paying rent. We still need your donations to complete construction of the building and to support our new school meal program.


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