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Journée des écoles

Each year in March, the Chrysalis School takes part in the Journée des écoles, a celebration for all the local schools. The day starts with a march through the village, then students participate in a talent show and sporting events. We are proud of the way our students represent the school at this event.


Champions of Knowledge

In June, the Chrysalis School sponsors a knowledge contest for students called Champions Days, an event intended to introduce the school to the community and attract more students for the next school year. Elimination rounds throughout the month lead up to the main event, which includes the final round of the knowledge contest, as well as student dance performances and professional entertainment.

Champions Days is open to all students from the Ivato area, and is intended to encourage a love of knowledge in the participants, and to showcase their artistic talents. In collaboration with FAWE (Forum des Educatrices Africaines – the Forum of African Women Educators), we also take advantage of this gathering of young people to educate the participants regarding AIDS, illegal drugs and the importance of education for girls.


journee des ecoles

Chrysalis School students march through Ivato with the school sign.

Student dance performance at the journée des écoles.

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