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  Madagascar lies in the Indian Ocean off the southeast coast of Africa opposite Mozambique. The world’s fourth-largest island, it is twice the size of Arizona.
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The Lycée Privé Chrysalide (Chrysalis Private High School) is located in the town of Ivato, just outside Madagascar’s capital, Antananarivo. The school opened in September 2006 with the mission to educate a new generation of open-minded young people who love reading.


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A Special New Year's Message:
"2010 was a difficult year, but with your help, we also made huge strides this year. "Thank you" is too weak to express our gratitude. In spite of continuing difficulties, we start the new year with our own building – our biggest dream has come true! Thank you for donating to provide a better education to the kids of our country."
- Graziella Masindrazana,
Director of the Chrysalis School

Thanks to the generosity of a small group of supporters, the Chrysalis School started the school year in a new building! We have only managed to construct one of the two planned levels, we have no windows and the floors are still gravel, but we're very excited to have our own building and to be free of the burden of paying rent. We still need your donations to complete construction of the building and to support our new school meal program.

meal programPlease consider getting involved, as an individual or as part of a school or community group. Contact us for more information. Click on links below to get involved!


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